Anne Sophie VASSELIN

Anne Sophie VASSELIN

“Even when I was young, I loved this,” said Anne-Sophie Vasselin, whose parents have a restaurant in Grenoble. This affiliation however does nothing to explain the speed in which her career took off.

When she was a student, Anne-Sophie had many complementary internships, both in accommodations and in catering.

In her last year, she prepared her MBA Vatel by including a professional experience in coherence with the choice of her career.

That’s why she was hired right upon graduation from Vatel Lyon in a 5* boutique-hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant where many other Vateliens work. She’s able to use her love of contact with others and for foreign languages.

Vatel has taught her “everything that’s operational, in every department... so that one day I’ll manage my own hotel!"


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Директор международного гостеприимства

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