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Vatel Group meets in Tunis

An annual meeting for all Vatel schools, the International Vatel Convention hosted the Directors of the 41 Group schools [...]

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An immersion into hospitality-tourism with the 10th edition of the International Journal of Tourism [...]

The Vatel International Research Center in Hotel and Tourism Managementhas just published the 10th edition of its Journa [...]

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Eurhodip, serving professors and students

Eurhodip has federated schools and universities teaching hotel and tourism management, for nearly 30 years. In the assoc [...]

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New at Vatel Switzerland

Finance and hotel management schools: two Swiss specialties known throughout the world, that Vatel Switzerland combines [...]

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Vilnius, Bordeaux, Paris: itinerary of someone “in love”

Mante Valotkaite, born in Lithuania and passionate about France, fell in love with Vatel. A recent Vatel Bordeaux alumnu [...]

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Close-up on a job: human resources management

Jean-Charles Poinsignon, a recent alumnus, has a dream job for his very first position: Human Resources Assistant at Le [...]


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