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A real-life business game

Future hospitality professionals, welcome to Vatel’s 100% management simulation serious game! For an entire week and o [...]

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No one can beat a Vatel alumnus to coordinate the Vateliens network!

Who is Gaelle Garnier, the new manager of the network of 35,000 Vatel alumni throughout the world? Let’s meet a Vateli [...]

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Training in sustainable development: stakes for the future

The 25th Eurhodip conference, which Vatel took part in, took place in Croatia. Targeting responsible tourism, this confe [...]

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The Marco Polo program wins the Best Innovation in an Educational Program Award from the internation [...]

Designed to address the needs of the global hospitality industry, the Marco Polo program strengthens the international p [...]

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50 Vatel Campuses with shared educational methods

Nearly 40 years old, and now 50 campuses in 32 different countries: Vatel Group opened its first school in Paris and is [...]

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Hospitality serving our elders

Trained at Vatel Nimes ten years ago, Chloe Wu has a brilliant career in China. She no longer works in the hospitality i [...]


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