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50 Vatel Campuses with shared educational methods

Nearly 40 years old, and now 50 campuses in 32 different countries: Vatel Group opened its first school in Paris and is [...]

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Hospitality serving our elders

Trained at Vatel Nimes ten years ago, Chloe Wu has a brilliant career in China. She no longer works in the hospitality i [...]

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The itinerary of an audacious young lady

From Vatel to the legendary Meurice Hotel: A Vatel Paris alumnus, Solene Le Blevenec enjoyed a brilliant career in the h [...]

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Julie, what are you now doing at the Rosewood Hotel in London?

The “Guest Service Relations” job exists in about all lines of work. But what is it like in the hospitality industry [...]

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Finance and hotel management at Vatel Switzerland

Vatel Switzerland has created the MBA Finance & Project Development, not just for students from Vatel schools, but also [...]

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Hired just after her internship

Sometimes Vatel students are hired with open-ended contracts right after they do their internships, and even better than [...]